Saturday, April 18, 2009

First thought upon waking

The Sheriff declares WAR ON DANGER. We must be ever vigilant. We must win the War on Danger.The Danger Strangers spread their evil Danger everywhere. We must hunt them down and bring them to justice. Be on the lookout for suspicious activity and report suspects to your local War-on-Danger Hotline.

Most preaching is against something or other.
There is a law of irony just as sure as there is a law of gravity. When I preach to others, the law of irony dictates that I am the enemy of whatever I preach for. When I preach against something, I am the living embodiment of whatever I preach against, in inverse proportion to the insistence of my preaching. This process is a wellspring of humour. Preachers are hypocrites, so we laugh at them.
"Coffee, are you done yet?"
We broke our backs lifting Moloch to heaven.

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