Friday, September 19, 2008

Time to Brush Up

A couple of days ago Mike Rider showed me this SPIDER. It’s tons of fun, with sliders to let you adjust the size speed, colour, and other features. It looks like 3d but it’s not, apparently, but rather, it seems to have been achieved with some 23 packages of AS 3.0 files.
AS 4.0 is supposed to debut next week. I don’t know who has time to learn all this stuff, and then have enough hours to work (draw) for a living. Time is getting crookeder all the time.
This one little discovery prompted me to look around at what some different Flash Animators are doing, specifically the Cold Hard Flash web site. I have lately been spending so much time with my nose buried in technical literature that I have neglected to check out what new work creative individuals have been doing. Lordy, but there is a lot of good work out there and a large proportion is being done by Spanish or Francophone artists.

If you’re not willing to make a fool of yourself, you may well be fooling a self of your make.