Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sod the Sun Belt- Head for the Hills!

We are facing a big economic collapse. We may, in fact be looking at the very Death of Money. Of course, when Money was invented it had some intrinsic value. You could use the little lumps of electrum to pay the Lydian priests when you visited the temple. Not so now- the US Federal Reserve freely prints paper with nothing but Karakorams of bad debts behind it. Paper to maintain a costly military empire that cannot be maintained.
The Egyptians had no money, and they built to last. Pharaoh made things happen.He was, after all the embodiment of Horace, Son of Osiris, so people had to believe in him. What else could they do? What else was there to believe in?
Here in our country there is no god but Dollar, and Mr Dollar makes things happen. When people stop believing in the Dollar god, then look out.
Extended areas of urban/suburban development cannot support existing populations. In cities like Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Tucson, Tempe, etc. virtually everything has to be trucked in. Water is certain to be fought, killed, and died over. It is the hard-working emigrants who will have the Survival Skills, the same kinds of skills our grandparents used to survive the Depression. Hunting and foraging, gardening and bartering are skills for living outside the Kingdom of Dollar. These skills have largely disappeared among native-born US citizens, after three generations being trained to live and think of ourselves as nothing more than "consumers." The people who the authorities and their vigilante helpmeets are hunting down to imprison and expel from the realm are the exact same people who will be able to give you the helping hand you need to survive.
When Money disappears or becomes functionally worthless, you'd better know yourself.
Your self is all you got, all you came with, all you take with you when you go.
Self is that bit of the universe over which you can exercise some control.